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Humbly said, no matter the brand, "we make this look good!" - Mike Lowery (if you know, you know)


Promos, captivating titles, storytelling content, appealing and signature design guaranteed



The business world has been led by the "good old boys club"  long enough, lets level the playing filed by advancing your brand to put you on top


Business Owners  | Coaches  |Consultants

Lawyers | Realtors | Authors | Counselors | Nonprofits | 

* All Clients Receive Complementary Cross-Promotion 

To provide the best and most accurate quote for your project we ask that prospect clients set-up a quick consult call that works for your schedule. If you prefer to connect via email, please message us at








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  • How do I book your services?
    To get started working on your project, just schedule a free consult here or email directly.
  • How long is the website design process?
    We have a standard turn-around time between 6-8 weeks depending on if all requested info is provided and feedback request have been fulfilled. This allows you and I time to plan, strategize, design and revise. Expedited services are avaliable upon request at a separate cost.
  • What are your services prices?
    To provide the best and most accurate quote for your project we ask that prospect clients set-up a quick consult call that works for your schedule. If you prefer to connect via email, please send a detailed message to
  • Do you write the copy/content messaging for my website?
    A basic content writiting outline is included within your design package - answers to a series of strategic questions will be asked to ensure we touch on major contnet messagnig painpoints. Should you desire for your content to be written from scratch, we do offer copywriting as an add on to your webiste package.
  • What is Dubsado? Is this system a good fit for me?
    Dubsado is a CRM (client relationship management system) that aligns multiple systems to make your busines operations automated. Results include your business running easier, smoother, and more efficiently so you could get back to doing what you love while making even more money. If you identify as an entreprenuer seeking email, invoice and scheduling automation solutions that will help scale and streamline your bsuiness, then Dubsado is perfect for you.
  • How to payments and deposits work?
    Per industry standard, a one-half (1/2) deposit to get started on your project and upon the last touch point and final approval is given, the remaining half (1/2) deposit will be due prior to assests being deliever to client. We do offer flexible payments plans and installments - feel free to discuss during your initial consultation call.
  • What are your Client Terms & Conditions
    All web & graphic design projects require extensive resources, time consumption and incurs internal expenses. Therefore, our policy is that at least 1/2 deposit of total project cost be made to initiate the work. Clients have the responsibility to upload / send all pre-existing materials that include but are not limited to "about me" biographies, products/service photos, videos, etc. within a timely manner in order to complete said projects by agreed upon turn around times unless otherwise stated. Additionally, Design Haven Studio must remain listed as site contributor on all completed web designs - this will not hinder owners access/capabilities. ​ During the initial exploratory call, the client and designer agreed upon a set date to have the project completed - this date may be subject to change should requested forms, company overview, and existing content not be provided within 10 days after it is sent to client. Reversely, should the client delay a project by failing to submit final pieces of content needed to finish a project that is already over 50% completed client is responsible for paying the remaining balance and may be subject to incremental inconvenience cost as well. Should a project be cancelled, delayed or postponed by the CLIENT, then all monies paid will be forfeited and retained by Design Haven Studio and client will be responsible for paying any remaining balance on projects over 50% completed before any work is turned over.
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